• Online Personal Development with Mindfulness Course.

    This 8-week course will help to increase your self-awareness and self-esteem. You will learn how you relate to yourself and to others.

    You will learn to explore your life choices and increase your self-confidence and well-being.

    This course will give you the tools to learn how to cope with anxiety, stress or depression through the practice of mindfulness.

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  • Employee Wellness Care Therapy

    The last couple of years have been a very stressful and trying time for most of us. It hasn't been easy to stay working or to return to the workforce. This therapy offers employees the chance to let go of stress and gives them the tips and tools how to cope with stress and find work life balance.

    If you are a company who is interested in the welfare of your staff and would like to find out how this therapy could help your staff please email for more information:


  • Wellness Work Shops

    A holistic approach to wellness that creates lasting benefit beyond the sessions.

    Workshops on:

    Power of Positive Thinking.


    How to cope with Stress.

    Email info@balatherapy for more information.

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